Titles, honours, forms of address

Use correct titles and capitalisation for academics, diplomats, judges, government officials, royalty and members of the armed forces.

  • Academics and professionals

    Follow these rules to address and title academics and professionals correctly. The guidance focuses on academics, medical practitioners, dentists and veterinarians. Apply the rules when writing about individuals in other professions.

  • Australian Defence Force

    Use the correct title and style to refer to members of the armed services. This guidance is intended primarily for users outside the Department of Defence and the Australian Defence Force.

  • Awards and honours

    Post-nominals and titles of status show the awards and honours an individual has. List them in the correct order.

  • Diplomats

    Use the correct term when referring to ambassadors, high commissioners, nuncios and other diplomatic staff.

  • Judiciary

    Use the correct titles to refer to members of the judiciary.

  • Parliaments and councils

    Refer to members of Australian parliaments and councils in the correct style. Follow these rules to address and title people correctly.

  • Royalty, vice-royalty and nobility

    Royalty and representatives of the royal family should be addressed with their correct title.

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