Content types

Use the format that helps meet the user’s need. This could be a form, a blog, an image or another format.

  • Blogs

    Blog posts can help users solve common problems. Use clear structures and ensure content is accessible. Moderate comments if you allow them.

  • Easy Read

    Easy Read combines text with layout and imagery to simplify and explain information. Users often print Easy Read materials. The standard layout works as a handout.

  • Emails and letters

    Concise letters and emails tell a recipient what they need to know. Use the right level of formality for the recipient and purpose. Be mindful of people’s privacy.

  • Forms

    This guidance helps you to design digital forms filled in by the user. Most of the guidance also applies to printed forms, but there are some differences noted.

  • Images

    Images can help users if they are clear and simple. Make sure everyone can access the information that images convey.

  • Journals, magazines and newspapers

    Journals, magazines and newspapers are known as ‘periodicals’. Periodicals are published at regular intervals, so they are sometimes called ‘serials’. Number each issue of a serial and include other publication information so people can find it.

  • PDF (Portable Document Format)

    Only create PDFs if your research shows there are specific needs for this format. Make PDF content accessible to everyone who needs it.

  • Reports

    Create complete reports with a landing page, preliminary content, body and endmatter. Include other parts if the report needs to be tabled in parliament.

  • Social media

    Social media can enhance your engagement with users and stakeholders. Identify the audience, purpose and platforms and design content for them.

  • Video and audio

    Video and audio are time-based media. Users can choose when and how much they view or listen to. If the format meets a user need, make sure anyone can access the content.

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