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Version 2.2 (7 May 2021)

Version 2.2 made site-wide accessibility improvements to meet WCAG AA standards. View our updated accessibility page.

The changes include:

  • consistently marking up headings in callout blocks
  • consistently marking up lists in callout blocks
  • improving logical flow and placement of focused elements
  • consistent accessibility experience for mobile and desktop users
  • HTML mark-up removing repetitive elements to meet accessibility standards
  • ensuring text meets minimum contrast requirements.

Version 2.2 fixed some broken links in references and added guidance on PDF (Portable Document Format).

Version 2.1 (4 March 2021)

Version 2.1 added:

  • blog functionality
  • clarifications to the links topic page
  • page not found page (404 error page)
  • a link to the Style Manual Community of Practice.

Version 2.1 corrected minor errors on topic pages:

Version 2.0 (11 December 2020)

Version 2.0 added:

Version 2.0 had:

Version 1.0 (24 September 2020)

The following headings refer to published content for the digital Style Manual, version 1.0.

Each heading sets out changes from Content Guide and the sixth edition of the Style manual for authors, editors and printers.

Fixes to version 1.0 include minor edits, new examples, structural adjustments, internal cross-linking and new references. These fixes are listed under each heading.

Understanding user needs

Version 1.0 had:

Content formats

Version 1.0 had new guidance on:

Version 1.0 offered print considerations but focused on digital-first formats for:

It included:

Between 9 and 13 October 2020 fixes included:

Clear language and writing style

Version 1.0:

Between 9 and 26 October 2020 fixes included:

  • a structural adjustment on the page and relating inclusive language to plain language and word choice 
  • adjustment to page structure, enhanced guidance and new examples on sentences 
  • a minor edit and an updated example on phrases 
  • minor edits, clarified examples and more internal links on clauses 
  • minor edits, more examples and internal links on verbs 
  • minor edits and updated examples on nouns 
  • minor edits, more internal links and an added reference on pronouns 
  • more examples and minor edits to text and page structure on paragraphs.

On 7 December 2020 fixes included:

  • adjusted heading re use of 'no' with numerals in contractions
  • new examples on expressing ideas and the persona and internal links on voice and tone.

Inclusive language

Version 1.0 had:

On 9 October 2020 fixes included:


Version 1.0 had:

Between 29 September and 12 October 2020 fixes included:

On 7 December 2020, fixes included:

  • updated examples and guidance on when to use list styles to lists.

Findable content

Version 1.0 had:

Between 11 September and 25 October 2020 fixes included:

General conventions, editing and proofreading

Version 1.0 had:

The Australian concise Oxford dictionary, corpus data and consultation informed advice on spelling.

On 7 December 2020 fixes included:

Names and terms

Version 1.0 had:

From 22 September to 10 November 2020 fixes included:

On 7 December 2020 fixes included:

Numbers and measurements

Version 1.0 had:

On 14 October and 9 November 2020 fixes included:

Punctuation marks

Version 1.0 had:

Referencing and attribution

Version 1.0 had:

Titles, honours, forms of address

Version 1.0 had:

On 30 October 2020 fixes included:

  • updated and corrected on members of Australian parliaments and councils:
    - an error/omission about post-nominals for members of lower houses in states and territories
    - added text for clarification
    - carried corrections through examples on this page.

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