Foreword by the Hon Patrick Gorman MP

The Hon Patrick Gorman MP

Clear and consistent writing is essential. It helps Australia solve the policy challenges of today and tomorrow. And it underpins government content and services that Australians can rely on.

The seventh edition of the Australian Government Style Manual (Style Manual) is for everyone who writes, edits or approves Australian Government content. This is the first digital edition.

The Style Manual was first published in 1966. Then, the Australian Government had installed just 34 computers.

Today, most public servants carry a computer in their pockets. It has never been easier to publish and share words with the world. This demands us to take more care over our writing than ever before.

Caring about every word, every sentence, is important. It is how the public service delivers frank, honest and timely advice based on the best-available evidence.

The Style Manual is not for the Australian Public Service alone. The manual is for the Australian people – our audience – who rightly expect clear communication about the policy and actions of the Australian Government.

That means thinking about our audience every single time we write.

Put simply, using the Style Manual helps you make an impact.

Happy writing.


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The Hon Patrick Gorman MP
Assistant Minister for the Public Service


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