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The APS Academy provides training in writing and editing for Australian Public Service employees.

Australian Public Service (APS) employees can access writing skills training, based on the Style Manual, through the APS Academy. The APS Academy is responsible for developing APS Craft – the essential skills that public servants need in order to deliver good policy and services.

Writing is one of the fundamental skills required of APS employees. The APS Academy offers writing skills workshops for those seeking to:

  • be more effective at their current level
  • transition to a new role or level.

The workshops recognise the Style Manual as an important tool for APS employees wanting to improve their writing skills.

Essential writing for APS 1–4 levels highlights the relationship between plain language and accessibility and readability. It also covers active voice, punctuation and types of lists.

Essential writing for APS 5–6 levels suits all APS and executive level staff who write analytically. It focuses on how to outline an evidence‑based argument and recommend a course of action.

Essential writing for executive levels is suitable for staff who:

  • are managing or coordinating writing tasks with others’ input
  • have transferred into a role demanding higher-level writing skills.

The APS Academy also provides training in:

For more information visit the APS Academy website and search for ‘writing’ on the Courses page.

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